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To see a regional overview map of Ice Age Trail segments in this area and a free excerpt from our Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 providing driving directions and descriptions of each segment, click here to download a map/description packet. For highly detailed maps suitable for hike navigation, check out our Ice Age Trail Atlas.

Notes on Route Changes and Current Conditions

The map below shows all official Ice Age National Scenic Trail segments (blue lines; actual trail is marked with yellow blazes) and unofficial connecting routes (green lines; actual routes are unmarked). Notes (if any) on route changes and current conditions are indicated by “push pins” on the map; details for each push pin are shown below the map.

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The data shown on this map is for general information purposes only. The Ice Age Trail Alliance gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data. It is strongly recommended that only the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 be used as official resources for information about the Trail.

As the Ice Age Trail evolves toward completion its route changes over time as volunteers build new sections and other sections are rerouted or closed. Weather and activities such as hunting and land management (e.g., logging) can also alter Trail navigation and access. Pushpins on the map above and detailed comments below (if any) are intended to keep Ice Age Trail users up to date on current Trail conditions and route changes (compared with the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011).

Baraboo Hills:Reroute (permanent)

Merrimac Segment Reroute

effective date: Apr 27, 2012

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 61-62f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 161

Volunteers with the IATA's Mobile Skills Crew program improved and rerouted a portion of the Merrimac Segment in April 2012. A half-mile-long section of the trail has been relocated, starting near the intersection of State Road 113 and County Road DL and heading east. New additions to the segment include two 36-foot-long feet long clear-span bridges, 191 feet of boardwalk, four timber cribs, and one rock retaining wall. Invasive species were removed from the area and maintenance was performed on already-existing sections of trail.

The Merrimac Segment, which formerly extended into Devil's Lake State Park, now ends at Highway 113. The Devil's Lake Segment now picks up where the Merrimac Segment leaves off.

Baraboo Hills:Reroute (permanent)

Small reroute on Devil's Lake Segment

effective date: Oct 21, 2012

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 61f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 162

A small reroute was completed in Roznos Meadow during an October 2012 Mobile Skills Crew project. It sidesteps an area prone to wet conditions just south of South Lake Road. The reroute is part of the Devil's Lake Segment. The dividing line between the Devil's Lake and Merrimac segments has been shifted from South Lake Road, north of Roznos Meadow within Devil's Lake State Park, to the southern crossing of Highway 113, where hikers moving west first cross the boundary into the state park.

If you take a hike on the Ice Age Trail, please let us know how it went. Trail user reports are key to our ability to keep the Ice Age Trail well-maintained and user-friendly. If you notice something during your hike that you think should be included on this page, please let us know by contacting the Ice Age Trail Alliance main office (800-227-0046, info@iceagetrail.org). As you hike, please keep in mind that the Ice Age Trail is largely built and maintained by volunteers. We can always use your help! Contact the chapter coordinator or visit the chapter's events calendar to learn how you can get involved.